Aquarium Garden

Through building and maintaining beautiful nature aquaria people re-learn the intricate connections between forms of life, plants, fish, microorganism and humans. Riches and beauty come from harmony, from balance. Aquaria are great teachers of this truth. Takashi Amano


Hygrophila corymbosa "angustifolia"

An undemanding plant for large aquariums, which thrives in almost any conditions. If it is not pruned it easily grows above the water surface, where it forms dark-green leaves and beautiful blue flowers. This makes it particularly suitable for open aquariums. It is most beautiful in groups, but the shoots must not be planted too close, because this will prevent light reaching the lower leaves.
Under water Hygrophila corymbosa ''angustifolia'' has relatively narrow leaves which are grouped close together. Plants sold in the shops are normally cultivated above water, and have rounder leaves with larger gaps between them.
Height : 30-60cm Width : 20-35cm Light : medium-very high Temp. : 20-30'C
Hardness : very soft-hard pH : 5,5-8 Growth : FAST Demands : EASY

Text from Tropica
Photo by Dusko Bojic