Aquarium Garden

Through building and maintaining beautiful nature aquaria people re-learn the intricate connections between forms of life, plants, fish, microorganism and humans. Riches and beauty come from harmony, from balance. Aquaria are great teachers of this truth. Takashi Amano


Cardamine lyrata

Cardamine lyrata is actually a marsh plant. But it is also a familiar aquarium plant which thrives under water. A characteristic trailing growth form makes it highly decorative, and ''water roots'' often form on the plant itself. Plant in groups, and make sure the water temperature does not exceed 28 degrees for long (this makes the leaves much smaller and the plant more leggy). Also suitable in garden ponds in the summer.
Height : 20-50 cm Width : 15-30 cm Light : medium- very high Temp. : 15-24'C
Hardness : soft-hard pH : 6-8 Growth : FAST Demands : EASY
Text from Tropica
Photo by Dusko Bojic