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Through building and maintaining beautiful nature aquaria people re-learn the intricate connections between forms of life, plants, fish, microorganism and humans. Riches and beauty come from harmony, from balance. Aquaria are great teachers of this truth. Takashi Amano


Bacopa australis

Bacopa australis was discovered in southern Brazil (australis = southern), and it does not come from Australia, as might otherwise be assumed from its name. Like the other Bacopa species, B. australis is also easy to grow in an aquarium. Under certain conditions it creeps across the bottom to form an elegantly decorative light green cushion. When B. australis grows in a good light, the leaves become reddish. It is easily propagated by taking side shoots and planting them in the substrate.
Height : 7-30 cm. Temp. : 15-32'C. pH 6-8. Hardness tolerance : ALL
Growth FAST. Demands VERY EASY.

Text from . All plants of mine are from Tropica.
Photo by Dusko Bojic